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366-square-foot apartment gets space-saving renovation

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Designed by Hong Kong firm NCDA

View of dining area and lofted sleeping deck and ladder leading upstairs. A large window frames forest views on the left side.
The apartment measures just 366 square feet.
Photos by Dennis Lo via Dezeen

Local firm NCDA has turned a small apartment in Hong Kong into a more efficient home for its owner by creating a loft space above the dining space.

Nicknamed the Mini Treehouse, the original floorplan measured 34 square meters, or about 366 square feet, and included a kitchen, living area, and bedroom, all on the same level.

To open up the living space, the designers decided to take advantage of the 10-foot-high ceilings by knocking down a wall and moving the sleeping quarters upstairs into a loft. The new “bedroom” measures approximately 40 square feet, is clad in natural pine, and is accessed by a ladder. A horizontal strip of glass provides additional natural as well as views of the surrounding site.

The designers also created a screen of triangles on the outside of the loft for some added texture. This plus the natural wood of the bedroom deck create a connection to the forest outside, which is framed by sliding glass doors, while the deep aquamarine-painted walls contrast with the green of the foliage.

Via: Dezeen