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Blank-faced Japanese house takes minimalism to the extreme

Party in the back

Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

This ultra-minimal Japanese retreat turns a cold shoulder to the street. The “front” facade is a windowless white expanse of concrete, punctuated by a single palm tree rising from behind the parking gate. In contrast, the back of the house is dominated by windows, open terraces, and an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The architects at Shinichi Ogawa & Associates are known for designing offbeat, exquisitely minimal abodes like the “world’s longest house” and S Gallery—and Seaside House is no exception. The vacation home makes the most of a potentially awkward lot, separated from the beach by a train track and highway at its base. But the home’s cantilevered infinity pool cleverly blocks the rail line and much of the roadway from view.

The home’s interior is as stark as its facade. One enters into a hall dominated by a large curving staircase with blocky sides, lit from a skylight above. The lower level contains the master bedroom, bathroom, and guest bedroom—all overlooking the ocean and lower terrace with the pool.

Upstairs is a single large open space with the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The large plate glass windows can be slid aside, effectively opening up the room to the balcony beyond.

Via: Dezeen