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Casper launches premium Wave mattress for spinal alignment

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Ultra-comfort won’t come cheap

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Casper Wave mattress Casper

Casper—a frontrunner among over a dozen companies trying to change up the mattress game—has unveiled a new “breakthrough in mattress design.” Spoiler: It’s a mattress. But with more support for your butt.

The Wave mattress was created by Casper’s foam-obsessed designers in the company’s San Francisco R&D lab. Lead by former IDEO product designer Jeff Chapin, the group dreamed up a layered sleep surface with different materials aligning to different parts of the body. This means more support for heavy body parts like the shoulders and hips, while also leaving enough cushioning so that those areas sink slightly, aligning the spine.

No expense was spared when it came to using the most sleep-friendly materials for the Wave, according to Fast Company. Casper used materials sourced from Belgium to Korea—which partially explains the new mattress’s premium price tag—$1850 for a Queen size. Compare that the original Casper Queen mattress price of $950.

But the company is betting that people who really want a good night’s sleep—folks who are very active during the day, or who have back problems, say—will see it as a small price to pay for ultimate comfort.

“We’re not hitting consumers over the head with all the technology that’s going on,” said Casper Design Director Jesse Menayan in the promo video below. “It’s quiet, peaceful. It evokes feelings of floating.”