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Tiny house packs all the essentials in 100 square feet

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A nugget of dreamy small living

The interior of a tiny house. There is a sink, a bed with patterned bed linens and pillows, a shelf above the bed with assorted plants, and storage space under the bed. Modern Tiny Living

This new off-grid dwelling designed by Modern Tiny Living, endearingly named Nugget, manages to fit a bathroom, kitchenette, and full-sized bed into just 102 square feet. Built atop a single-axle trailer, the home weighs about 4,500 pounds and features simple pine siding and a metal roof.

The interior of a tiny home. There is a bed with patterned bed linens, a sink, and windows looking out into a field. Modern Tiny Living

Unlike the vast majority of tiny homes, the interior isn’t lined in wood, rather, its walls are finished with what appears to be sheetrock or insulating panels. The kitchen features a polished wooden countertop—there are matching wood shelves throughout the space—as well as a copper faucet and copper knobs.

There isn’t a stove, but a stow-able hotplate might suffice. A mini fridge is also installed beneath the counter. The bathroom has a composting toilet as well as a simple shower. The built-in bed hides storage beneath.

The interior of a tiny house. There is a bed with patterned bed linens and pillows. On the bed is a tray with dishes and a writing journal.

The entire home can function off-grid, powered by solar panels on its roof and an integrated inverter and battery set. It’s also got a 100-gallon fresh water tank and a propane heater.

The price tag for the so-called “most livable 12-foot home on the market” is $36,000. Worth it?

A tiny home on wheels in a clearing surrounded by trees. The facade is painted white with a wood frame. There are wooden stairs leading up to the door. There is a light fixture on the wall near the door.

Via: New Atlas