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Take a peek at this incredible cliff house overlooking the Aegean Sea

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Casa Brutale will be built by Dutch firm LAAV Architects

A spectacular cliff house is set to be built into a mountainside in Beirut, Lebanon, by Dutch firm LAAV Architects. Called Casa Brutale and clearly inspired by Brutalist architecture (as well as Capri’s Casa Malaparte, the boxy structure would slot into the face of Faqra mountain and be entirely underground.

But the most surprising feature of the 2,900-square-foot residence would be its breathtaking rooftop infinity pool with a reinforced-glass bottom, which in turn would make up the home’s massive, skylit ceiling.

What’s more, the ocean-facing side of the home, where the living and dining area are positioned, is also entirely gazed, providing a double-height—not to mention dizzying—view of the Aegean Sea, 5,400 feet above sea level. It would be like living in a fish bowl of sorts. That is, if a fish bowl were rectangular.

The home accommodates six people and features a guest bedroom on the main floor and a mirrored master suite on the mezzanine level, where a built-in bed is made of concrete and finished in wood. The entrance to the cliff house is accessed by a grand concrete staircase of 50 steps. For an inside sneak peek, check out the video above.