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Kano’s new motion sensor kit makes gesture control simple, fun

Animate your world

Kano motion sensor kit
With the motion sensor kit, you can use your hand to zoom in on map displays.

Voice control is already permeating the home through various smart home hubs, and the even more futuristic dream of a gesture-controlled life doesn’t seem too far away, either. In addition to smart home startups working on bringing that slick Minority Report-type fantasy to reality, the newest releases from Kano, maker of DIY computer kits, offer a taste of gesture control magic—made friendly to kids and adults alike.

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign last year for new DIY devices, Kano recently launched the Pixel Kit light board ($79.99), followed by a Motion Sensor Kit ($29.99), which adds a fun gesture-control component (the Motion Sensor Kit also works independently with any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer).

The Pixel light board, comprising 128 pixels and a built-in microphone, only measures about five by three inches. But it might just be the most versatile and entertaining gadget you can have at home.

Consider some of the projects that can be created with the Pixel Kit using Kano Code, a simple coding environment that employs drag-and-drop blocks and runs on any web browser.

Snap to turn on the light.
Clap to see the time.
Get a visual weather report.

With the motion sensor, which detects distance and direction, you can use your hand to scroll through the news, zoom in and rotate map displays, make music and art, and more. Attach it to the Pixel Kit and you can make, say, a night light that responds to movement, or maybe even a scoreboard that counts your jumping jacks. For a closer look at the range of projects that can be coded on Kano, head right over here.