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Dutch university unveils car made entirely of natural materials

From the chassis to the interior

all-natural car Eindhoven University of Technology

A group of students from the Netherlands’s Eindhoven University of Technology have unveiled the world’s first car made of bio-composite materials. Named “Lina,” the lightweight four-seater has a chassis, exterior body, and interior constructed with a variety of natural and biodegradable substances.

The chassis was made with a combo of bio-composite and bio-plastic, using a honeycomb structure made entirely from sugar beets. The exterior uses sheets of flax-based bio-composite, with strength comparable to fiberglass, but more sustainably manufactured. The car is also energy-efficient, running off of a set of modular batteries.

The 300-kilogram car seat four people, reach a speed of about 50 mph, and has been certified by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority as “roadworthy”. This being 2017, Lina can also be unlocked from a smartphone, according to Global Construction Review.

The student team hopes their vehicle will help pave the way for more sustainably built cars.

Via: Global Construction Review