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Renovation transforms traditional Barcelona apartment into house of mirrors

Perfect for design-loving narcissists

mirror-clad apartment All images by Jose Hevia via Designboom

Merging traditional architecture with contemporary flair is something of a trend in Barcelona apartment renovations, and this latest project from Miel Arquitectos is no exception. The original third-floor home in the Sant Antoni neighborhood had a lovely vaulted brick ceiling but only four windows. The architects hit upon the idea of using mirrors to extend the natural light and treetop views further into the space.

The mirrors form the face of an interior cubic volume, angled so that its walls are never parallel with the walls of the apartment. The cube contains the kitchen, but also hides a series of sliding doors, providing separation between bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces. The angled mirrors create strange optical illusions which seem to extend the lines of the ceiling and make the entire home appear larger.

The patina and age of the original vaulted ceiling was left as it was, offering a visual counterpoint to the clean white scheme and straight lines of the rest of the apartment. New steel beams, wall outlets, and the kitchen backsplash were given a bright yellow hue. For more inspired mirror architecture, head right over here.

Via: Designboom