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Confetti-like tiles enliven this converted old house

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Fala Atelier turned the single-family home into five studio apartments in Porto, Portugal

A two-story stone building with white facade speckled with blue and red tiles wedged between other low-rise buildings on city street.
Fala Atelier replaced the facade with a pattern of confetti-like tiles in blue and red to match the front doors.
Photos by Ricardo Loureiro via Dezeen

Confetti can be fun in food, but did you know that it can also liven up a home? That’s certainly the case with this old house in Porto, Portugal, where local studio Fala Atelier has converted the single-family home into five studio apartments.

Resurrecting the building that had been abandoned for decades, Fala stripped the facade’s tiling and replaced it with a celebratory but minimalist pattern of blue and red shapes.

But the colors do more than decorate—they trace a theme throughout the apartment, beginning with the two front entrances, one in blue and the other in red, all the way to the shutters and closet doors (that do double duty to conceal tiny kitchens) inside each unit. Even the shower stalls get the same color treatment, their tiling matches the tiling of the facade.

As for the interiors, refined minimalism rules, with pale hardwood floors, white walls, and marble accents combining to create a clean, sleek, and simple place to live, without sacrificing the perks that come with a pop of color or two.

Via: Dezeen