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Amsterdam park gets a kooky sculptural playground

Weird but fun

Amsterdam playground Carve

Here’s another ultra-odd playground to add to the list. Beatrix Park, one of Amsterdam’s oldest city parks, just got a giant sculptural blob that lets kids climb, slide, and hang on its organic form. The massive white-and-purple shape was designed by local engineering firm Carve to intentionally conceal some of its features from different views—so that the structure constantly offers moments of surprise and discovery.

The brief was to build a play structure for children age 0-6 on an old basketball court surrounded by trees. The firm set out to create a landmark structure that all ages could enjoy—even parents. After deciding on a set of features, Carve designed a weird, three-pronged apparatus to contain them all.

The funky design features a playful distorted mirror wall, tire swing, slide, sunken trampoline, painted soccer goal box, mirrored tunnel, and several interior climbing structures. Looks fun!

Via: Inhabitat