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Italian car company Fiat goes big with sporty camper vans

There are 600 different configurations

A grey and black camper. The doors are open and the interior has seats and a stereo. There are red storage compartments on the roof of the van. All images courtesy of Fiat

Anyone who’s traveled to Europe is familiar with the Italian automobile company Fiat—their supermini cars and tiny four-doors have been zipping around cities there for over a century.

But while Fiat has made a name for itself with economical compact cars, the company also makes camper vans. The Fiat Ducato Camper allows customers an endless array of options: five different wheelbases, six different chassis lengths, and four types of engines.

Taken together, that means that there are 600 different ways to build the Ducato camper van. Interiors boast neutral cabins in browns or grays, two retractable flat-screen televisions, a convection stovetop for cooking, a sink, and a king-size bed that easily sleeps two. Sleek paneling covers everything securely while you’re driving, and well-placed lighting makes the van feel roomy inside.

The Ducato comes in a sporty, two-tone paint finish, has an LED-light bar and a front winch, and includes places to tie down all your luggage. A special traction mat on the roof and a reinforced rooftop walking platform allows van owners to use the roof as a patio—or the perfect vantage point for all your #VanLife Instagrams.

The pricing of the Fiat Campers depends on which combination of factors you choose. Head over here for more.