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‘Accidental Wes Anderson’ chronicles whimsical locales in real life

It’s a thread on—where else?—Reddit

An indoor pool in Gotha, Germany.
Photo via Reddit user Teillu

Wes Anderson, he of The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel fame, directs films with a singular look: a pastel surrealist dreamscape that’s as identifiable—thanks in part to production designer Adam Stockhausen—as it is imitated.

A Reddit thread aptly titled “Accidental Wes Anderson” chronicles instances of life imitating auteur, full of photos of spiraling staircases, grand indoor pools, and other architectural ephemera whose color palettes seem as though they’re ripped from Anderson’s storyboards.

Anderson has, of course, inspired the aesthetically minded to celebrate his distinct work in all sorts of ways: We’ve covered everything from miniature paper dioramas of sets from Anderson films to one artist’s postcards featuring the imaginary, but fully realized, locations from his movies. A Boston townhouse selling for $3.3 million was even marketed as a “[walk through] a Wes Anderson film.”

For more serendipitous moments of Anderson-inspired whimsy, head over to the Accidental Wes Anderson subreddit.

A lighthouse in Húsavík, Iceland.
Photo via Reddit user Milonade
Sketch Restaurant in London.
Photo via Reddit user Leprocto
Hotel Belvedere near the Rhône Glacier, in Switzerland.
Photo via Reddit user Pierreor
Two houses in Vietnam.
Photo via Reddit user Temporality

Via: ArchDaily