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Paris university looks positively pastel in cool new photo series

The aesthetic is “Her” meets “Blade Runner”

Inside the Jussieu Campus of Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris.
Photos by Franck Bohbot via Designboom

Yesterday, we wrote about a Reddit thread, “Accidental Wes Anderson,” that keeps track of real-world locations that look like the whimsical, color-saturated film sets for which the famed director is known.

Well, we can add this colorful new laboratory building at Paris’s Pierre and Marie Curie University, a public science university in the city’s fifth arrondissement, to the list. With an eye-catching design by local firm Périphériques architectes, the campus features an interior pastel color palette that’s both futuristic and playful.

In these new photographs, by New York-based lensmith Franck Bohbot, the building’s empty atrium and perforated-metal exterior take on a slightly eerie air—like the set of an Anderson-directed thriller. Take a closer look over at Designboom.

Via: Designboom