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New tiny house is like living in a double-decker bus

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It two lofts and can sleep up to 8


Tiny houses right now feel a bit like cell phones of the 2000s: They made them so tiny, then they made them tinier, but suddenly they got big again, and bigger, but still small. Is a tinier tiny home truly the best kind of tiny home? Or is it one that pushes the physical limits of what a mobile home could be? The world may never know. But one thing’s for sure: People want tiny homes of all sizes—if that makes sense.

Escape, one of the biggest tiny house builders in the country, has introduced another model to its line-up. The new Escape One XL is an expanded version of the One launched earlier this year. Like the original, the XL version shows off trendy Shou Sugi Ban charred siding, a large picture window, and stairs on a normal, gentle incline.

But instead of the original 276 square feet, the XL expands to nearly 400 square feet, measuring 30-foot long and 11-foot high on the interior. Inside, you get the options of adding French doors to close off a section of the living space, washer/dryer in-unit, and full-size or compact appliances. With two lofts and a spacious common area, it can sleep six comfortably and up to eight, just like the Traveler XL.

According to Escape CEO Dan George, there’s been “lots of demand” for an XL version of the One design. He says this enlarged version makes sense for families, as well as folks who want a separate office or additional “bedroom.” How much to live this large? Introductory pricing starts $69,800—comparable to many tiny houses with designer touches but less square footage. Head here to read more about the ins and outs of living tiny.