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Studio Job and Seletti introduce giant fast food furniture

Their “UN_LIMITED” collection also includes a hamburger and slices of pickle and tomato

fast food furniture Seletti via Designboom

Antwerp and Amsterdam-based design firm Studio Job has a reputation for creating wacky conversation pieces, and their latest collection doesn’t disappoint. It’s giant fast food, y’all.

Working with the Italian home goods and furniture-maker Seletti, Studio Job created UN_LIMITED—a line of upholstered furniture in the shape of iconic American cuisine. The sofa resembles a giant hot dog bun with a mustard-streaked sausage bolster and pillows appearing to be slices of pickle and tomato. The verisimilitude is notable with a few exceptions—gold feet, and the fact that no one puts a whole tomato slice on a hot dog. That’s just weird.

The collection also features a chair in the shape of an open hamburger, its top bun forming the back of the upholstered seat. This seating confection unaccountably has a gherkin resting on the patty. Ah, Europeans.

The collection will be shown at Maison et Objet fall 2017 show in Paris next month.

Via: Designboom