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Royal Mail introduces electric delivery vehicles in the U.K.

Now roaming the streets of London

electric trucks for Royal Mail in the U.K. Photos via Designboom

Automotive companies big and small are betting on electric vehicles for the future, and the latest sign of this changing tide comes from the U.K., where gas and diesel vehicles will be banned by 2040. Starting today, Royal Mail, the country’s largest delivery company, is debuting a fleet of nine electric delivery trucks, produced in partnership with U.K. company Arrival.

Featuring an ultra-lightweight design and custom power electronics and motors from Arrival, these new EVs reduce the cost of operation by more than 50 percent, according to Designboom. They’re also optimized for urban deliveries using a battery that offers a maximum range-to-weight ratio and can travel emission-free for up to 100 miles.

These trucks will be priced similarly to diesel trucks to make them a competitive choice. Several trucks are already on the road today in Central London and will continue to be tested in large cities in the U.K. over the coming months.

Via: Designboom