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Private island for sale in Maine can be yours for $650K

Sweet lighthouse included!

private island for sale Acadia Realty Group

If you’ve been dreaming of a private island retreat but balked at the price tags of this $8 million isle or the $15 million Petra Island, here’s a relatively more affordable option. Green Island, off the coast of Brooklin, Maine, is on the market for $650,000.

The island includes the sweet historic Blue Hill Bay Lighthouse, built in 1856 to help guide ship traffic related to the booming lumber business of the nearby town of Ellsworth. Adjoining the lighthouse is a 1,750-square-foot keeper’s cottage with four bedrooms and a half-bath.

The house has a charming New England feel to it and will come fully furnished. There are also a couple of extra buildings on the island including what looks like a large boathouse/garage and a wee little windowless stone structure.

The island itself is about an acre, with 450 feet of pebble-y beach. It’s also accessible by foot from the mainland during low tide.

You probably wouldn’t want to hang out at Green Island during the harsh Maine winter (even though that’s what the lighthouse keepers did). This one is listed as a seasonal dwelling.

Via: Apartment Therapy