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These colorful sheets are not just for kids

Quit sleeping on—and also definitely start sleeping on—bedding “for kids”

Land of Nod

In general, I do my best to act my age (30). But when it comes to decor, I have a distinct distaste for grown-uppedness, at least the way it’s depicted by the stores I can sometimes afford.

This makes searching for bedding a real drag. How many combinations and variations of grey and pale blue can we possibly need? Even on the rare occasion that major retailers stock sheets in graphic prints, the bedding either tends to feel like sandpaper or is still, somehow, depressingly basic. Just like no one enjoys unwittingly twinning with another partygoer at the same event, I never want someone to walk into my house and say, “I have that, too!”

That’s why I—a proud Creative and Childless Decorator™—am so thankful for a recent find: kids’ sheets from the Land of Nod. Over the past year or so, my Land of Nod Color Fest sheets (since discontinued) have evolved from clearly high-quality (if new and thoroughly starched) organic cotton into the softest, dreamiest bedding I own.

The sheets’ rainbow confetti print also makes me feel like I’m living in a painting—or at least waking up to a personal ticker tape parade every day. And while their presale prices are on par with competitors like West Elm and Crate & Barrel, I was lucky enough to pick them up on sale.

I know what you’re thinking: Children’s bedding?! I didn’t network my way into a soul-sucking job with employer-sponsored health coverage for this indignity! And yes, some of Land of Nod’s styles are clearly best left to actual children’s rooms.

I can’t in good conscience suggest this Football Quilt with matching throw pillow, for example. But what about the offbeat Blue Dot? Or these spectacularly kitschy Apple Orchard ones? Or even this typographer’s delight, the Easy as ABC organic cotton sheet set topped with a solid duvet, like I do with my Color Fest sheets? Regression, schmegression.

When it comes to bedding, however, the only catch is that Land of Nod doesn’t carry king-size sheets, though I’m skeptical of how many people that actually affects, anyway. To confirm what you’ve heard about my generation, I don’t know anyone with a mattress that big.