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Prefab backyard studio now available as $6,800 DIY kit

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It can be built in four to seven hours

DIY office Sett Studio

Austin’s Sett Studio makes some pretty cool prefab backyard sheds, and now the firm is introducing a DIY option aimed at handy customers who want to tackle the project themselves—for a fraction of the cost. While Sett Studio’s designer tiny offices run between $53,000 and $83,000, the new Novi DIY office kits can be ordered anywhere in the continent U.S. for just $6,800. Build time? Four to seven-plus hours, depending on skill level and, of course, how many helpers you have on hand.

The DIY office, like other Sett Studio models, is clean-lined with a modern look, but it comes in at a seriously compact 96 square feet. The flatpack design arrives with an instruction manual just like furniture and all of the components—metal truss floor and wall systems, roof and floor sheathing, fasteners, etc.—required to set up an inhabitable space. When assembled, it’s a blank slate awaiting customers’ own choices for door and windows, exterior paint, AC/heating, stairs, and the patio.

For those interested in a tiny office without all the work, Sett Studio is also offering a completely built version for $22,000; this option is currently only available in Austin. In addition to the initial $6,800, DIY kits also come with shipping costs, which usually range from $650 to $1,200.

Check out the video below to see how a DIY Novi gets built.