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Multi-user hologram table will set you back $90,000

The table’s powerful graphics system make it ideal for viewing high-detail city maps and architectural renders.

hologram table Euclideon

Further proof that the future is now: An Australian company, Euclideon, has created the world’s first multi-user hologram table, enabling up to four people to observe and interact with the same model from different perspectives. The best part is that no one has to wear a bulky AR headset—just motion-tracking glasses.

The system uses frequency separation crystal films in the lens so that light from the table can be filtered into a 3D stereo model. The computer then calculates the position of your head and feeds separate images to your right and left eyes, creating the 3D effect.


The company’s secret sauce is in their graphics engine, Unlimited Detail, which was initially developed for video game applications. The engine is capable of quickly rendering enormous virtual spaces in great detail, making it ideal for moving through a virtual 3D space or viewing large geospatial images like maps. The latest version of the Euclideon table costs $90,000.

Holodeck, here we come!


Via: ArchDaily, New Atlas