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This wacky concrete house is made of angled volumes

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The latest from South Korean architect Moon Hoon

Home comprising three concrete volumes stacked at an angle and supported by angled beams connecting to different points of each block.
Moon Hoon’s ‘Simple House’ is anything but.
Photos by Namgoong Sun via Designboom

The designs of South Korean architect Moon Hoon are anything but simple—including one whose project name is “Simple House.” Located on Jeju Island, one of the country’s most popular vacation spots, the striking structure is made up of a series of stacking concrete blocks and angled support beams.

Three rectilinear volumes interlock at varying angles, and from above appear to create a radial design. This arrangement allows for multiple verandas and lookout points and include a rooftop terrace, all of which take in views of the surrounding natural landscape.

On the ground floor are a bedroom, playroom, laundry, and storage facilities, while the second floor, accessed by a central staircase whose walls include built-in bookshelves to create a makeshift library of sorts, contains the main living space. Here, a kitchen and dining are occupy one end of the block, while a living room occupies the opposite end. An outdoor dining terrace is formed by the roof of the floor below.

The third volume holds the master bedroom suite, which includes a bathroom, dressing room, and access to a hot tub on one terrace, and to a garden on the other. A rooftop terrace rounds out the home.

As for the conspicuous support beams, they are meant to stabilize the structure and protect against strong island winds. Minimalist interiors characterized by off-white walls and light-wood herringbone floors and other built-in accents that balance the decidedly un-simple design of the residence.

Via: Designboom