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Vibrant Memphis-inspired decor takes over all-white apartment

Design duo Margeza renovated this attic flat in Budapest

Shot of corner of white living room in attic apartment with large window, sloping ceilings, white polished floors, and yellow furniture and objects accenting the space.
The all-white interiors and glossy surfaces help the attic flat appear bigger than it is.
Photos by Áron Erdőháti via Design Milk

What’s an all-white home good for if not to do with it what you will, decor-wise? That’s the rhetorical question this apartment in Budapest, Hungary, appears to be answering, albeit perhaps unwittingly, with its vibrant, Memphis-inspired furniture and design objects.

Renovated by Hungarian-Belgian duo Margeza, the two-story two-bedroom flat occupies the attic of a 1928-era building and measures 110 square meters, or about 1,184 square feet. Its interiors are rendered in bright white and polished surfaces (floors and cabinets), and together with large windows that further illuminate the space, work to make the home appear bigger.

Glass elements, like the legs on a built-in bench and entertainment console in the living room, plus a custom-designed Corian staircase with under-storage, also contribute to the sleek, futuristic scheme of the home.

And while the colorful, graphic pieces like the glossy dining chairs, yellow quilted lounge chairs and ottomans, small goods, and various painted edges may conjure an overly exuberant commitment to the ’80s, somehow it all works. Take a look.

Via: Design Milk