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This modern Tent House is a fuss-free nature escape

Next-level glamping

Chris Tate Architecture

There’s something lovely about camping in a tent—the simplicity, the connection to nature, not to mention a break from the buzz of modern life. But there are also hassles, from setting everything up to, well, bugs. New Zealand architect Chris Tate set out to build a modern retreat that embodies the best aspects of tent camping with none of the drawbacks.

Tent House is a sleek and modern A-frame home nestled among wetlands on New Zealand’s Waiheke Island. Clad in black tin and timber, the home’s dark and minimal facade offers a modern contrast to its surroundings.

The all-white interior is a study in simplicity, with a full kitchen, bathroom, and living room. A clean-lined spiral stair leads to an upstairs bedroom. The open side of the A-frame structure is made entirely of windows, flooding the space with natural light.

Tate created the 753-square-foot home as a personal retreat and workspace, but is now offering it as a short-term vacation rental.

Via: Inhabitat, Dwell