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Here’s what the first Tesla solar roofs look like in the wild

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Customers are sharing photos of the new solar tiles—and how well they perform

A roof with solar tiles. Tesla

When Elon Musk started taking preorders for Tesla’s solar roof tiles in 2017, he said they’d be installing the roofs on Tesla employees homes first as a way of test-driving the technology before it was available to the public. Now customers are starting to share the installations on their own homes.

CleanTechnica spotted some homeowners sharing their new Tesla roofs on social media, including their price and performance.

In an August 2017 call to investors, Musk confirmed that the first two roofs had been installed on his house and the home of Tesla’s CTO, JB Straubel. Photos of those installations were shared in a letter to Tesla shareholders.

Tesla’s solar tiles installed on a roof in Silicon Valley.

Some rough math using Tesla’s calculator tool would place this roof’s cost at about $30,000, not including $7,000 for a Tesla Powerwall battery, with a Northern California customer receiving about $9,500 in tax credits. But according to the tool, the roof would generate $44,600 worth of energy over 30 years.

Four tile styles—Texture, Smooth, Tuscan and Slate—are all available now.

Tesla’s solar tiles are meant to be more aesthetically pleasing than the typical photovoltaic panel, but they’re also more efficient. Instead of a one-size-fits-all panel, the solar-collection can be customized, with the site and pitch of the roof determining the number of active, energy-generating tiles ($42 per square foot) and inactive tiles ($11 per square foot). Tesla sells regular solar panels, too, through SolarCity, the company Musk acquired in 2016.

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