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Modern house was designed around a glorious hammock room

The home was also sited to save an ancient oak tree

modern house in North Carolina Samsel Architects via Dezeen

When you hear the name Hammock House, you may envision Vienna’s hammock-filled public pavilion, but this modern home near the Blue Ridge Mountains is a far more private and practical abode. Designed by Asheville-based Samsel Architects, the home stays true to its name, where, according to the studio, “Hammocks and an ancient oak tree were the organizing principle.”

Samsel Architects

The old white oak helped to inform the home’s L-shaped layout (it’s growing roughly where the fourth corner would be) and the hammock takes center stage in an enormous and airy screened porch. The house has a single-pitch shed roof inspired by local farm structures, and the interior was organized so that visitors walk through progressively taller and taller rooms until they reach the hammock.

Samsel Architects

The home features shared spaces (open-plan kitchen, dining room, windowed living room, and hammock porch) in one wing and private spaces (master bedroom, second bedroom, den, and studio) in the other—so as to ensure a harmonious living arrangement between the clients, a couple, and the wife’s parents, who also live in the home.

Samsel Architects
Samsel Architects

The exterior is clad in a combination of timber siding and tan-painted panels. The base of the home is surrounded by rocks to help keep moisture away from the foundation.

Via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen