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Off-grid tiny house is located in the middle of a lava flow

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Vacation next to the most active volcano in the world

A tiny house available for rent in Hawaii.
All photos via Airbnb

Tiny home amenities like solar power, WiFi, and well-equipped kitchens seem standard these days, but we can guarantee you’ve never seen a tiny house quite like this one.

The recently-built, 450-square-foot Phoenix House is located on the 1990 lava Kalapana lava flow, on the Island of Hawaii, and near the base of the Kilauea volcano. It’s not every day you get to visit the world’s most active volcano—much less sleep next to it—and while you can’t see red hot flowing lava from the windows, you won’t have to go far.

Nearby there’s an overlook to watch smoking lava crash into the ocean, and the tiny home’s setting in dramatic black lava fields will make you the envy of Instagramers back home.

Designed by ArtisTree and built with cement blocks, rebar, and a wood frame on stilts, the tiny house comes with a kitchenette, bedroom loft, living area, and bathroom. It sleeps two in a queen size bed, and despite being off grid, it boasts a hot water heater for showers and glazed windows that make the most of the views.

The tiny house is available for rent on Airbnb and rates start at $151 per night.