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Home Depot and Laurel & Wolf partner for interior design service

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No, it’s not all plywood and orange

living room Dustin Walker via Laurel & Wolf

Home Depot has long been a source of support for interior design needs—from paint and flooring to traffic cones—but the company is now launching a new service to help customers pull it all together. Home Depot has teamed up with virtual design service Laurel & Wolf to offer in-person and online design advice on how to use—what else?—Home Depot products to create a tailored space.

The process is simple: the home improvement store recommends Laurel & Wolf to customers, who can then choose a design package and get paired up with a Laurel & Wolf designer. The designer’s recommendations will make use of supplies from Home Depot. Home Depot’s existing Pro Referral Service—which lets customers find and book contractors—is also integrated into the Laurel & Wolf website.

"We are excited to see how our designers will bring to life the incredible range of products sold at The Home Depot," said Laurel & Wolf CEO Leura Fine. "Through this partnership, we are able to provide the ultimate modern platform for the millennial consumer who expects customization and services as a seamless integration into their shopping experience."

Via: Domino, Architectural Digest