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Former bank transformed into swoon-worthy office in Rotterdam

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Studio Tomorrow designed the Rotterdam office for financial tech firm Bridgevest

Interior shot of meeting hall with high ceilings with intricate molding, tall windows, salmon-colored textured walls, smooth dusty blue floor, mint green rug, and long wooden conference table.
The renovation preserved original architectural details.
Photos by Studio Moost

We are no strangers to gorgeous office renovations, especially high-design coworking spaces like WeWork’s Shanghai flagship and these seductive Scandinavian ones.

But this office for Dutch financial tech firm Bridgevest nearly took this editor’s breath away.

The company relocated from the center of Rotterdam to the Veerhan port to a former bank from 1890, enlisting local interior design team Studio Tomorrow to reimagine the building while preserving many of its intricate architectural details.

The result is a swoon-worthy space that combines a minimalist aesthetic with pastels, subtle variations of texture, geometric shapes, and natural materials.

A white palette—namely on the ceiling, molding, and other wood trim—creates a bright canvas on which the designers were able to experiment with colors like salmon and pale green on the walls, and a periwinkle blue on the smooth floors.

Furniture and accessories are also similarly sleek and appointed in fun, non-traditional office hues like violet and burnt orange (though, of course, there are standard black rolling chairs as well).

Studio Tomorrow even custom-designed a carpet wall patterned with abstract shapes to help with acoustics and add an bit of flair to the otherwise clean-lined office. But enough with the descriptions. Feast your eyes on the photos instead.

Via: Design Milk