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How a kitchenware collection won my heart

For the inner bohemian who likes to “Live, laugh ... and lick the spoon!”

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My one aesthetic goal in life is to live a chic, bohemian lifestyle. It all seemed purely aspirational, until I discovered the affordable Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart (yes, I know—but hear me out).

The Pioneer Woman collection, by the Food Network’s Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond, is kitchenware perfect for anyone with an undying love of florals, butterflies, and plastic tumblers stamped with sassy quotes.

The iconic Food Network Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond, thoughtfully selects prints and hues, so you can mix and match any part of her collection and still achieve a cohesive look. In the winter, there are poinsettia flowers, and, come spring, expect roses and paisley prints.

So far, my collection consists of a set of tri-colored mixing bowls and floral-patterned plastic food containers that have contributed greatly to my free-spirited-yet-chic-home goals. The mixing bowls in the collection are sturdy, making them perfect for all of my baking needs, while the floral plastic container is easy to wash, and has gotten compliments from my fellow design-minded colleagues.

I also bought the Daisy Chain “kitchen” rug, which hangs out in my bedroom. The 4-by-6-foot rug, which is sadly no longer available, is perfect for lying down and rolling from my back to my stomach without touching the hardwood floors.

I’ve also been eyeing a ton of other pieces in the collection that I desperately need in my life. Take this rubber spatula, spoon, and basting brush set, for example: It comes in three different colors with phrases like “Live, laugh ... and lick the spoon!” and “Love is the key ingredient” painted on the handles.

Or, consider the scalloped ramekins that I’ll purchase once my life gets to a point where I can justify buying extremely tiny baking dishes simply for the sake of making my Instagram presence more dynamic.

Head to or any of its brick-and-mortar stores to get your fix.

Margaret Lin is a social media manager at Curbed.