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Kevin G. of ‘Mean Girls’ is now a calligrapher inspired by the architecture of NYC

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Canadian actor Rajiv Surendra is also a painter and author

You may remember Rajiv Surendra as the rapping mathlete Kevin G. in the 2004 hit movie Mean Girls, but did you know that the Canadian actor is also a talented calligrapher and artist?

Ever since receiving a package of letters from the 1800s as a gift when he was 12 years old, New York City-based Surendra has been fascinated with the art of calligraphy, crafting his own style of pen-and-ink penmanship over the years and expanding his work to encompass chalk drawings.

These large-scale trompe l’oeil sketches are inspired by the architecture of the city, whose classical flourishes find their way back into his hand-written correspondence.

“I’ve always felt a strong connection to the past,” Surendra says in the video. “I feel like I am sharing my own history and the history that I’m in love with with everyone who comes across my work.”

To find out more, watch the video above.