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Sleek Shanghai apartment lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

The built-in oak units add literal depth and dynamism to the otherwise clean-lined space

Small apartment with open wood floor-to-ceiling bookshelves lining one wall.
The bookshelves add literal depth to the otherwise simple apartment.
Photos by Santiago Barrio and Shen Zhong Hai via Dezeen

Shelves and shelves of books make a home feel lived-in, no matter how grand or minimalist the residence may be. For this sleek apartment in Shanghai, bookshelves line much of the walls, making the entire home feel like a study.

And although the shelves have yet to be stocked with books, the built-in oak units add literal depth and dynamism to the otherwise clean-lined space.

Located within the I.S.S Normandy Apartment building designed by Hungarian-Slovak architect László Hudec—and one of the city’s earliest high-rise residential buildings—the top-floor, split-level one-bedroom was renovated by Atelier TAO+C, who tore down all interior walls to create an open floorplan divided by partitions and glass instead.

The result is a home that puts the study at the center of it, with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves flowing from the living area through the glazed bedroom on one side and up toward the mezzanine level on the other.

As for the rest of the flat, the hardwood floors are herringboned, walls are white, and the kitchen and bathroom counters are fashioned in marble, while brushed bronze accents make up the fixtures and trim throughout. A terrace lines the shelved wall, providing access to the outdoors.

Take a look around, and make sure to add the apartment to your collection of dramatic home libraries.

Via: Dezeen