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This modular prefab cabin was designed for remote living

It’s super lightweight

modular prefab Bio Architects

From Bio Architects, the Moscow-based firm behind the Dubldom modern prefab cabins, comes a prototype modular cabin that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Though it looks like a rather simple pitch-roofed cabin, the DD16 has been thoroughly designed for optimal ease of transport and durability in harsh environments.

Intended for adventurous travelers to remote locations, the DD16 was built with lightweight materials throughout, including laminated wood framing with ports that help lighten the load, polyurethane foam for insulation, and plywood interiors. As a result of these choices, the DD16 weighs 40 to 50 percent less than the standard Dubldom.

Layout-wise, the DD16 looks a lot like regular Dubldoms, with a covered deck and wall of glazing facing an open living space measuring about 172 square feet. There’s a kitchenette with fold-down table, double bed, bath with shower, and space for a stove. These images show the prototype installed on a lake using modular pontoons.

Via: Designboom