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6 charming historic lighthouses are now up for auction

Dream fixer upper alert!

historic lighthouse
Poe Reef Lighthouse on Lake Huron
GSA Auctions

Time has come again for the U.S. government to unload half a dozen charming old lighthouses made obsolete in the GPS era. For lighthouse obsessives or simply those looking for an extra-special renovation project, opportunity is knocking in the latest auctions, where starting bids as low as $10,000.

While the government will continue to own the property the lighthouses sit on, successful bidders can fix up the structures themselves to their heart’s content. Last year’s crop included the storied Penfield Reef Lighthouse, which had a final bid of $282,345. This year’s roster includes one in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, plus five in Michigan’s Great Lakes. From the round and red to the square and black and white, there’s a range of styles—and levels of inhabitability—represented.

Below, take a closer look at the Poe Reef lighthouse, Detroit River lighthouse, and Craighill Channel light house. The full list of offerings can be found here. Note: You need a deposit of $5,000 or $10,000 to bid.

Inside the Poe Reef lighthouse.
GSA Auctions
Detroit River lighthouse on Lake Erie.
GSA Auctions
The Craighill Channel Lower Range Front Light Station in the Chesapeake Bay.
GSA Auctions

Via: Inhabitat