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Summer home addition features a dreamy ‘sky tower’

The sweet extension also contains a small workspace and sleeping area

Anders Berensson

With this small summer home extension, Stockholm-based architect Anders Berensson—who previously proposed connecting the city’s rooftops with a network of elevated walkways—once again turned eyes to the skies. The addition features a custom-built “sky tower” bringing daylight into the space as well as an opportunity for nighttime star-gazing.

The budget was limited. “We promised the client to design the cheapest and easiest extension possible with one reservation, that the firm would design and build the windows instead of buying standard ones,” reads a description on Berensson’s site.

The result is a simple space that makes the most of its custom details. Around the tower, the exterior painted facade gives way to cut-out designs of animals and plants, inspired by a local architectural tradition. The interior is lined with spruce boards. A built-in desk looks out through a wide corner window framing a view of the field outside. A bed occupies the far wall, giving onto the nook of the sky tower.

Via: Designboom