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Casper to open 15 pop-up stores across North America

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The online mattress giant is making moves IRL

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Casper mattress
Casper already has a partnership with West Elm, bringing its mattresses into over 70 West Elm stores.
Photos courtesy of West Elm

Mere weeks after launching a new butt-supporting mattress design, Casper has announced a gasp-worthy gambit to further change up the mattress industry: brick and mortar stores. While the move seems like a huge departure for the startup, which built its reputation on the ease of buying a mattress online and having it delivered, Casper has been figuring out ways to reach customers in person. Last year, the company partnered with West Elm to bring Casper mattresses into the furniture stores, and, this summer, they’ve inked a similar deal with Target.

Some 15 Casper-owned retail pop-ups will open in urban centers across North America, where people will be able to try out the new premium Casper Wave in person before shelling out $1,850 to take it home. The stores will also sell Casper bedding and the original mattress design.

Rendering of a Casper retail store
Rendering of a Casper retail store

“The demand to experience our products in-person has continued to grow exponentially,” said Philip Krim, Casper co-founder and CEO. “Casper retail environments allow us to seamlessly traverse online and offline, which we believe is paramount to an exceptional customer journey.”

The pop-up shops will launch in October in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other major metros. They will remain open through the spring of 2018.