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1900s winery becomes rosé-colored modern home

La vie en rosé?

winery turned home in Portugal Photos by Fernando Guerra/Extrastudio via Dezeen

It may be named “The Red House”, but don’t be fooled—this winery-turned-minimalist-abode in southern Portugal is definitely a lighter shade of rouge. Designed by Lisbon-based architects at Extrastudio, the home is entirely covered in a blush-colored lime mortar dyed with natural pigments from crushed brick and clay. "Over the days and months, the color of the house alters, lighter or darker depending on the humidity, almost black when it rains," the studio told Dezeen.

The structure, built in the 1900s by the current owner’s grandparents, originally served as a winery. The renovation kept its strong single gable, general footprint, and adjacent orange orchard. But the result is undeniably modern. A near-seamless, 45-foot-long wall of glass connects the main living room to an outdoor courtyard containing a black-bottomed pool and circular black-painted deck.

Inside the 3,875-square-foot home, everything is white, light, and airy. Mirrors line the walls. Simple furnishings emphasize its clean lines and rectilinear bones. An interior courtyard at one corner further acts as a light well to bring sun inside.

Via: Inhabitat, Dezeen