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Pentatonic unveils modern furniture made from recycled household waste

And glassware made of old smartphone screens

chair made from recycled products Photos via Pentatonic

In anticipation of this year’s London Design Festival—kicking off in just a few days—U.K. startup Pentatonic has announced its first range of customizable furniture made from recycled products like bottles, smartphones, and computers.

Recognizing the massive amount of waste and pollution around the world—including millions of tons of plastic waste dumped into oceans each year—Pentatonic wants to transform consumer trash into mass-production design pieces.

As Designboom explains, aluminum, glass, food, and plastics are the building blocks of the eco-conscious "Airtool" system. Airtool comprises components for chairs and tables, customizable with everything from tactile felts to luxurious fabrics and hand-finished metals. The line also includes a range of glassware made from screens of discarded smartphones.

All the designs are modular, which means components are easily replaceable if damaged, or interchangeable for aesthetic updates. Pentatonic also offers a buy-back program, which allows sold items to be repurchased and recycled into new editions.

The company, which has so far raised £4.3 million (roughly $5.6 million) from investors, will also open its first pop-up store in Shoreditch, East London, during London Design Festival.

Via: Designboom