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Iceland sheep farm transformed into luxe green-roofed retreat

Located on Iceland’s Troll Peninsula

sheep farm turned grass-covered retreat in Iceland Deplar Farm

Iceland’s tourism scene is booming, but if you’re interested in more than a Game of Thrones tour, consider a stop at Deplar Farm. Located on the Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland, the hotel is an off-grid retreat amid mind-blowing scenery.

The 1,500-square-foot black-timber building is actually a former sheep farm that’s been renovated and converted into a luxurious getaway. A grassy roof helps the building feel a part of the landscape—like a Troll king’s mountain lodge. The renovation used locally sourced materials like stone brought from nearby rivers.

The hotel has a about a dozen unique rooms and cabins named after Norse gods, all with special amenities (including four with hammock lofts). There are also comfy communal spaces including a fully stocked bar, lounge, dining room (complete with in-house chef), library, TV room, and spa.

And on the outside, there is a geothermal-heated infinity pool, a cold-plunge pool, and a grass-covered sauna that looks a bit like a hobbit house.

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Via: Inhabitat