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These glorious lamps are made with real bread and pastries

Challah if you love them!

bread lamps

Japanese artist Yukiko Morita used to be a baker. After learning the timeless art of transforming flour, salt, and yeast into delicious golden loaves, she thought she might turn them into lamps, too. The result is “Pampshade,” Morita’s latest project, now on view at Maison & Objet 2017. In addition to conventional bread ingredients, the recipe for these cheeky lamps include LED lights, batteries, cables, and a thick layer of protective resin.

Morita first bakes the bread like a normal loaf. After it cools, she carves out the fluffy white interior while keeping the shell intact. Next, she applies resin both inside and out to preserve the bread long past its shelf date. Then she installs an electrical circuit designed to fit the shape of the bread. Some of the breads are outfitted with built-in battery packs, while others must be plugged into the wall.

The lamps come in seven styles, ranging from the small coupe, croissant, and petit boule to the longer bâtard and baguette.

The lamps are so playful and adorable that Morita is ought to be raking in the dough, right?

Via: Designboom