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Ingenious 'millennial tiny house' has a retractable staircase

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It's chock full of clever space saving features

The prototype was designed in New Zealand
Photos courtesy of Build Tiny

The name "Millennial Tiny House" might be a little too on the nose, but bear with us—this prototype from New Zealand-based Build Tiny is well-designed and full of inventive storage solutions.

The first standout feature is the retractable aluminum staircase that can go in and out of a bank of storage drawers. It leads to the sleeping loft, eliminating the need for a ladder. Secondly, the main room has under-floor storage cabinets that blend in seamlessly with the overall design.

The house meets New Zealand's requirements for a light trailer, at just 7.2 by 2.4 meters in size. (Roughly 23 feet by eight feet.) And it manages to hold a lofted bed, kitchen with a full-sized oven and fridge, shower, washing machine, and even a dedicated home office.

Cross ventilation and large double-glazed windows throughout ensure each cozy space gets light and air. In the kitchen, part of the counter forms the "step up" to the ladder which leads to the workspace and guest sleeping loft. The seating ledge for the workspace overlaps the kitchen, which has plenty of places to store food and utensils.

As for the bathroom, there's enough space for a washer-dryer combination machine, a shower, place to store linens, and a composting toilet. (The toilet is on castors so it can be wheeled out of the way when not in use.) Pricing for the shell of the home begins at $43,378 US dollars, with the full buildout coming to $87,483.

Via: Treehugger