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Trailer with pop-out tents sleeps 4 and hauls all your gear

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You can fit ATVs, motorcycles, or bikes

The inTech RV XLT Flyer Adventure Trailer features side sleeping tents so you can haul more gear.
All photos courtesy of inTech RV

Peruse any camper or RV show and you’ll see a lot of over-the-top amenities. Some campers can expand to three times their size while others are packed full of creature comforts. But many of these campers and trailers lack a key component for adventurers: toy storage.

For people who love mountain bikes, ATVs, or motorcycles, most RVs don’t fit the bill. That’s not the case with the inTech RV XLT Flyer Adventure Trailer. Unlike other campers that prioritize living space, this trailer is built to haul all the gear you could want.

The main cabin area can fit a large ATV, several motorcross bikes, or a quiver of burly mountain bikes. There’s a storage and cabinet area in the back, but that’s about it. Up to four people can sleep in one or two full queen tent beds that pop out from either side of the trailer.

Although there’s no see-through roof for stargazing or eco-friendly solar panels, this trailer does allow people to sleep inside without unloading your gear. That can be a priceless time saver and ensures that your expensive toys stay secure. You can also attach extra kayaks or SUPs to the rooftop rack.

It all sits on a fully welded, all-aluminum, all-tube cage frame that is prepped for off-road use. The frame hides a slide-out kitchenette that boasts a two-burner stove, a 12V refrigerator, and a pop down L-shaped prep station for extra counter space.

The inTech RV XLT Flyer Adventure Trailer comes in three different interior trim colors—maple, cherry, and gray—and six different exterior paints. It’s also $17,545, which is downright reasonable compared to other extravagant motorhomes. Head over here for more info.