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This gorgeous installation is made of aluminum just six millimeters thin

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ultra-thin installation Photos via Designboom

Commissioned for the World Expo 2017, held this year in Kazakhstan, this inventive installation eliminates the need for any for structural columns or beams. Designed by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY, a studio known for its work developing "ultra-thin, self-supporting structures,” “Minima | Maxima” is a continuation of those explorations.

The surface of the structure is incredibly thin, just six millimeters of aluminum. But it stands tall, reaching a height of 43 feet, close to four building stories. "If an egg were scaled up to the same height as the project, it would be much thicker,” the design team told Designboom.

The structure supports itself through three layers of flat strips, all constructed in tandem. The layers reinforce one another as they assume curvature and gain height. "The system warrants comparison to fiber technology—such as carbon or glass," says the firm, "Yet is unique in that unlike fibers, each individual component does not need to be in tension."

The project, which lights up at night, will remain a permanent installation for visitors to engage with and explore.

Via: Designboom