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Zaha Hadid Architects turns Baroque palace into canvas for trippy light art

“Behaviour Morphe” lights up a castle’s facade in Karlsruhe, Germany

A new lighting installation by Zaha Hadid Architects takes over the facade of a Baroque castle in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Images courtesy Zaha Hadid Architects

Though its namesake and founder, design icon Zaha Hadid, passed away in March 2016, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) hasn’t slowed down. The firm’s latest is a psychedelic lighting installation in Karlsruhe, Germany, projected onto the facade of the 18th-century Karlsruhe Palace.

“Behaviour Morphe,” produced in collaboration with artists Max Cooper, Mubbasir Kapadia, and Andy Lomas, uses the interactions of digital characters created with AI to create abstract patterns that are then projected onto the palace.

The light show, which ran from August 3 until last week, was part of Karlsruhe’s Schlosslichtspiele, where artists, architects, and designers each presented works in light to transform the palace’s 560-foot-long facade. Other participants include the founders of Asymptote, Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture, as well as Greg Lynn.

It’s a bit of a departure for ZHA, which has lately been working on architectural projects—like an airport terminal in Beijing and several projects in New York City, including a condo tower along Manhattan’s High Line park—along with furniture and objects. Watch a video below.

Via: Designboom