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Frank Gehry’s sketches from jam session with Esperanza Spalding are up for auction

Architecture news from 2017

Frank Gehry making a sketch
Frank Gehry making a sketch.
Photo courtesy MasterClass

Is Frank Gehry the most with-it architect alive? On top of teaching an online architecture class, the Pritzker winner and model train museum designer now has Facebook Live experience under his belt. Last week, Gehry did a one-hour jam session with four-time Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding (who also just wrapped up a 77-hour album-recording marathon live-streamed in its entirety on Facebook—but that’s another story.)

What kind of creative pow wow was it? “Spontaneous.” “Without edit or revision.” “Side-by-side” (at Gehry’s home). Where Spalding supplied the music, Gehry responded with free-form sketching. And now, the results of the sweet collab—Gehry’s drawings and Spalding’s one-of-a-kind composition—are being auctioned off as a bundle, “never to be heard or seen again by the public.”

Below, a selection of Gehry’s output from that afternoon, some of which look vaguely architectural.

Photos via CharityBuzz

The auction will run until Thursday, September 21, with proceeds going toward Bienestar, an Oregon-based non-profit building affordable housing for low-income residents. The lot has an estimated value of $15,000; the current highest bid is $3,500.