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Two tiny houses and open-air sunroom combine into one family home

A promising option if you need a bit more space

tiny houses connected by sunroom Craig Williams for Viva Collectiv via Treehugger

The idea of a spacious tiny house may seem contradictory. Sure, there’s a strong strain of tiny home design trying to get as small and minimal as can be, but plenty of lifestyles call for roomier abodes that still embody tiny living benefits like more affordability and a smaller footprint.

The Ohana tiny home from Viva Collectiv is one such attempt to balance a need for space with the small living ethos. Built for a family with kids, the structure is essentially made of two 24-foot-long, 8-foot-wide tiny houses connected by a glass-roofed porch.

One wing of the home contains the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom. The other holds a living room and lofted bedroom for the kids. The central porch isn’t screened-in or fully connected to the dwellings on either side—which could lead to issues with bugs in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter.

The home is also something of an aesthetic mishmash. The central steel-and-glass structure is a little at odds with the painted timber siding. However, the concept itself is promising, making good use of roughly 400 square feet of interior space. See more on Viva Collectiv’s site.

Via: Treehugger