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Hyperloop One announces 10 winning routes around the world

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From 2,600 submissions, the company selected 10 routes covering Mexico, India, the U.S., the U.K., and Canada

Hyperloop One test track
The Hyperloop One test track under construction in Nevada.
Hyperloop One

For those of you thinking that the hyperloop promise—to connect disparate regions with high-speed pneumatic-tube transit while reducing carbon emissions—is all hype, you won’t be faulted for skepticism. It seems like almost every month, there’s a new hyperloop route announcement, while the technology is still in its infancy.

The latest development again hails from Hyperloop One, one of the leading companies in the race for a feasible hyperloop design. The company asked the world to send in proposals for future hyperloop routes and selected ten of the roughly 2,600 submissions.

But winning is no guarantee that the company will build routes in these areas. Rather, Hyperloop One will move forward with analyses to explore the potential of each route as well as host workshops in the winning countries and begin building partnerships. The company has already teamed up with the Colorado Department of Transportation for a feasibility study.

The winning routes in the US connect Cheyenne to Denver to Pueblo, Chicago to Columbus to Pittsburgh, Miami to Orlando, and Dallas to Houston. In the U.K., routes would connect Edinburgh to London, and Glasgow to Liverpool. Mexico’s route would link Mexico City and Guadalajara. In India, routes would link Bengaluru and Chennai, and Chennai and Mumbai. Canada’s route would connect Toronto to Montreal.

Via: The Verge