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Anthropologie launches augmented reality feature for its smartphone app

The company is jumping into the AR fray

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Today, Anthropologie announced the launch of augmented reality tech in its iOS app.
Images courtesy Anthropologie

Hot on the heels of Ikea announcing its augmented reality (AR) app, Ikea Place, Philadelphia-based Anthropologie has today launched AR technology in an update to its existing iOS app.

Anthropologie AR tech will help shoppers test furniture from the retailer, and customize the look of the company’s offerings, with eventual access to 120 styles, 11 fabrics, 152 colors, and various hardware and leg finishes, according to a release. (At launch, customers will be able to sift through just 42 styles.)

Like Ikea Place, Anthropologie’s augmented reality tech is built on Apple’s ARKit, which was unveiled at the tech giant’s June World Wide Developers Conference and showcased anew at Apple’s latest press bonanza, on Tuesday, September 12. The Anthropologie news comes as the company gears up to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The trend toward digital shopping and enhanced virtual retail experiences coincides in a downward trend for brick-and-mortar retail across the United States. As companies continue to acquiesce to the power of the ’net in all things commerce, we imagine we’ll be seeing more augmented reality shopping in the home design world.

Users will be able to place furniture in a digitally rendered room and choose between a number of textile and hardware options.

Anthropologie’s iOS app is available at the Apple Store.