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August Home refreshes smart lock range with three new products

New feature “DoorSense” lets users make sure their door is properly locked

New product line released by August Smart Lock includes a door sensor Courtesy August Smart Lock

August Home, one of the leading providers for all things smart lock, has announced that it’s making a significant update to its line of home access products. Launched in 2014, the original August Smart Lock, installed on the interior of standard deadbolts, introduced basic keyless entry via an app on your smartphone.

The product range expanded in 2015 with new security features: the "Smart Keypad" offers one-time-only access into the home, while the Doorbell Cam" adds a Bluetooth-enabled, one-way HD video camera and two-way audio system, allowing communication with arriving visitors.

This latest round of smart locks from August introduces "DoorSense," the “first intelligent, integrated sensor” that lets users make sure their door is truly locked—the deadbolt properly engaged—from anywhere.

The updated product line also includes two newly redesigned smart locks, plus the next generation of the Doorbell Cam. There's the August Smart Lock Pro, the premium option that comes hooked up to Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave Plus, allowing users to control and monitor their front door from anywhere with a smartphone. It's priced at $279.

Then there's the updated August Smart Lock, priced at $149, which has an elongated, industrial look and all the features of the previous generation of the company's smart locks.

The Doorbell Cam

Finally, the August Doorbell Cam Pro lets users see and speak with visitors at their door from a smartphone. This new version includes a built-in flood light for color night-time video, which can be motion triggered to deter would-be thieves. It's available separately for $199 or in a smart lock bundle for $489.

Three new products from August Home