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Rainwater harvesting is easy with ‘Raindrop’ barrel

It’ll be available in early 2018

rainwater collection at home Photos via Studio Bas van der Veer

Rainwater collection at home is made easy, and rather stylish, with this new product from Studio Bas van der Veer. The concept is pretty simple: The drop-shaped harvesting apparatus attaches to drainpipes, while an integrated watering can collects water directly from the pipe when it rains. Surplus water flows into the small reservoir for storage and later use. There's also a tap at the base, allowing for an easy refill of the can, as well as room to attach a watering hose.

After garnering a slew of accolades, including the Journées des Collections Jardin-Innovation Award and the Tuinidee Award, “Raindrop,” in its latest iteration, is available in new colors and a new satin finish. The studio also offers a “Raindrop Mini,” geared toward space-starved homes and a larger “Pure Rain” model, which includes a bird bath and is hand cast using techniques like CNC milling and thermoforming.

The Raindrop design by Studio Bas van der Veer collects rainwater.

The new design was unveiled earlier this month at the international garden fair spoga+gafa in Cologne, Germany, and will be for sale by early 2018; check with distributor Elho for detailed availability.

Via: ArchDaily