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Prefab ‘Surf Shack’ offers nature getaway, flatpack-style


prefab backcountry hut shack Visualizations by +Visual via Inhabitat

Fell in love with this gorgeous New Zealand backcountry hut-inspired home and want your own? You’re in luck. Backcountry Hut Company, a Canadian maker of prefab eco-shelters, has a new design out that offers many of the same features, including the simple shed roof and fabulous indoor-outdoor living courtesy of a glass wall and wooden deck.

Just like the company’s existing lineup, the new “Surf Shack” arrives flatpack, designed to be installed anywhere accessible by a truck or helicopter, with minimal disturbance to the site. Each kit comes with the post-and-beam frame, prefab panels, and a nail-on window system. A team of four people should be able to assemble the structure in less than a week.

The new design adds a faded cedar cladding option, as well as the glazed wall and outdoor deck options. Interiors can come furnished with a standard scheme or left a blank canvas for customization.

Via: Inhabitat